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标题: 大家齐来学英文 --- 趣味篇 [打印本页]

作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:35     标题: 大家齐来学英文 --- 趣味篇

第1句:The Mirror has Two Faces

Once upon a time, there was a very poor family that lived on a small island. One day a young boy, a member of the family found a mirror on his way home. He did not understand the thing. He just picked it up and put into his pocket. When he got home he hid the mirror behind a cupboard. Two weeks later, his mother found the mirror and she was very surprised when she looked at it. She had no idea what it was. The only thing she saw was the face of a woman. She looked again. It didn’t change, it was still the same. The woman became angry. She thought her husband had another wife. The woman couldn't wait. She shouted at her husband, "I have something to ask you."

"What is it Honey?" the man asked.

"I want you to tell me the truth. How many wives do you have?"

The man was very shocked. He had no idea what his wife was talking about.

"Don't try fooling me because I've got proof," the woman continued.

"Show it to me. What is that thing?’

The man's face became red. The woman took the mirror and showed it to her husband.

"Who is this?" the woman asked. "Ah! Tell me now, who is this?"

The man looked at the mirror and he was shocked when he saw a face of a man.

"For God's sake! Who is this man?" he yelled.

"Ah! I did not say man. I said a woman."

"Come on, have a look, this is not a woman." the man yelled.

She took the mirror and she looked again. It was a woman.

She gave it to her husband and said, "It is not a man, it is a woman."

"Right, let's have a look together," the man said.

So, the couple both held the mirror lifted it up and they saw two faces. They both looked at each other and then looked at the mirror again shook their heads and laughed.

"It’s you darling, It is a mirror and that's our faces," said the man.

They both sat down apologised to one another about the misunderstanding that made them both wrong.

故事的含义/短句的意思:This short story reminds us of our everyday life experience. We are all human in the sense that we have weakness or times that we fail to do good. We strive to live in what it means to be perfect but we never find that perfection.
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:38

第2句:Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

oh yeah, plenty of fish in the sea.  

对这句印像特别深刻。 半工读时,空闲时间和老板谈起女朋友这些话题,老板说了这句 “plenty of fish in the sea", 俺第1次听,因为很象形,1下子就领悟了,报以会心1笑。  

English explanation: This saying is often used to console a person who has lost a girlfriend or boyfriend.
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:41

Two's Company; Three's A Crowd

We say "two's company; three's a crowd" because sometimes two people are having fun together and would not have as much fun if a third person joined them. Example: "I hope he does not come over to our table; two's company; three's a crowd."

小时候看过个动画片:山上住着1个小和尚,每天自己下山打水吃; 有1天有来了个高和尚,于是下山抬水,高和尚在前,矮和尚在后。上山时矮和尚在前,高和尚在后, 配合着1起抬水吃;然后来了个胖和尚,结果。。。

English explanation: a group of two people is comfortable; a group of three is not comfortable ...
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:50

1.A cruel man abandoned his wife and son. Above all, everyone must abide by the law . So he was arrested. But the trial came to an abrupt end because of the man's absence. It was said he was mentally abnormal and was set free according to one law! What an absurd judgment! That's absolute nonsense! The angry people thought this bad law ought to be abolished to keep the judge from abusing his power. Fortunately, the boy's mother was able to afford enough money for the boy to go abroad to study. The moment the son was about to go aboard the ship, they kissed good-bye with tears. The boy went to an Academy of Technology successfully. No one could doubt his ability to learn abstract knowledge. He was absorbed in knowledge so much, just like dry sand absorbed water. His teacher really appreciated his complete absorption in his studies. So he supplied the boy abundant books for study, which accelerated the boy working harder.

Above all首要
was able to能
was about to aboard即将上船
was absorbed in专心于
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:52

2. Miss Austin was a strong woman. By investing wisely, she accumulated a fortune. One day, Miss Austin met a young man by accident. Their meeting was quite accidental. It was time of the Olympic Games, so hotel accommodations were scarce. The young man saved his room for Miss Austin politely. If she sang, he would accompany her on the piano. Because of his politeness, his strange accent was acceptable. Later, Miss Austin employed him as her assistant. He became accustomed to his job quickly. If she asked him to buy some accessories for a car, he would accomplish the work soon in accordance with her orders. So Miss Austin trusted him more and more and even one day the man had access to her bank account number. Miss Austin' detective showed her an accurate report to warn her of the man's cheating. He advised, “You must act accordingly.” Miss Austin took his suggestion into account. The young man was asked to account for his cheating. He explained he made a mistake on account of his illness. According to his behavior, he was accused of incompetence..

by accident偶然
became accustomed to习惯
in accordance with与…一致
had access to可以获得
took …into account考虑…
account for 说明
on account of因为
According to根据
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:53

3. It's the age of advertisement. The ad companies have acute senses to activate the public to like the products the sports players recommend. If a woman has been acknowledged as the best tennis-player in the world, she can acquire a lot of money from advertisements. Of course, she must pay some additional charges as taxes to the Tax Administration. Usually,the woman will adjust herself to the change of her life and soon she will adapt herself to it. As a sports player, her earnings isn't always adequate to meet her needs. In addition to a beautiful house, she also wants to buy luxury cars. It's normal that a famous sports player's cars add up to five. In addition, some rich sports players liked to buy acres of land as their properties, thus they can have their outdoor activities conveniently. Sometimes some acquaintances of the sports players are popular too because their house are adjacent to the players. Their houses adjoin the players', which make them proud and happy. An adjective for this phenomenon is, “snobbish”.

advertisement. 广告
Administration. 部门
In addition to另外
add up to. 合计
In addition, 除了…之外
adjective 形容词
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:53

4. It was advisable for an old couple to adopt an orphan, as they had no children of their own. Everything had been fixed in advance. Their kindness was an advantageous condition, which gave them an advantage over other applicants for the adoption of a little boy. The boy grew up quickly under affection, but his behavior was not particularly adult. That was a common mistake among adolescents. Soon, the boy gained admission into the Aesthetic College. The college was affiliated with a famous university. The affair affected all who knew the boy. He won the admiration of people. In the college, the professor he met first was an advocate of truth. He ignored all kinds of adverse comments about him. In the class, the professor taught the students how to use an adverb in the sentence. After class, he told them about his adventures in aerospace, and he showed them some aerial photographs. He also took advantage of some advanced instruments to make experiments. His new product was so promising, that his students decided to advertise it for him. The boy enjoyed his study very much.


   5. Mr. Bacon used to be a music CD agent. He got the job through an employment agency. By accident, he heard some African music. The music was agreeable to the ear. From then on, he was in an agony of longing. Africa was a mysterious land attracting him. His heart agitated for adventure. Mr. bacon had a friend name Jack. Jack was an alert alien. They were much alike in character. Both of them never touched alcohol. Both of them were aggressive, but Jack was stronger. In the 400-meter match , he got ahead of Mr. Bacon every time One day, Mr. Bacon received airmail from Jack. In the airmail, Jack described the beauty of Africa. Mr. Bacon affirmed that what he said was true. Three days afterward they met at the airport. According to the agenda, they arrived in Africa the next day. They found that the lack of rain aggravated the serious shortage of food. The agricultural commodities were deficient that year. There were rumors in the air that it was punishment from God. Next, on the way to hotel, they were shocked to see a dead man on the road. They alarmed the police at once and waited for the aid from the police. It's really a bad journey!
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:54

6.The college admitted Steve when he was 15. The news was all over the small village.Not only he himself,but also his parent felt happy for this. They always fought alongside him. There was a bill along with the college notice, which upset them. The family was not rich at all; they had no radio, let alone a television. But they went all out to afford the higher education for him. After all, they had only one son. Fortunately, the college made allowances for Steve's situation and awarded him an allowance of five thousand dollars. When everything was all right, Steve went to college. In all, there were 30 students in his class. Steve learned a lot at class. He knew brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Besides this, he knew sometimes hemp was used to alleviate pain. Also, he could read the Latin alphabet correctly. Steve liked all the subjects but history. He had heard enough such as “Britain in alliance with France once defeated a number of smaller countries.”, “Britain was an ally of America in both World Wars. They were allied countries.”, and so on. But allowing for the graduation, he still got A in every subject. The teacher allocated duties to all the students evry Monday, and Steve always finished his part first. So the teacher alleged that Steve was the most promising student in the class.

英语学习没有捷径,如果有那也是不懈的努力...there is no short-cut for learning English,if any that would be non-stop trying...
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:55

7. In Paul's youth, he had the ambition of being a famous basketball player. As an amateur, he found great amusement in playing basketball. An ambitious boy usually worked hard until one day he broke his leg. The ambulance drove along with noisy whirling whistles toward the hospital. His parents alternated in looking after him. Once he recovered, Paul amended his life goal. He began to have interest in political affairs. At the age of 40, he was appointed ambassador to Britain. He told the news to his girlfriend at once and he proposed to her. He said to her, “My dear, my savings amount to 300 thousand dollars. We have ample money to decorate our wedding room. I just bought an amplifier yesterday. And I prefer to an ampere meter being made of aluminum even though it has analog to another one. ” But he was amazed to hear her ambiguous answer, “Maybe….”. Paul had no alternative but to wait. There were a few alterations to the timetable and the next month he flew to Britain. The airplane flew at an altitude of 20000 ft. Paul felt something wrong and soon lost his mind. When he woke up, he was told that the airplane had crashed and he broke his leg, once again! By analogy, we could guess that Paul would amend his life goal once again!

hopes never die,where there is a will there is a way
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:56

8. The Smiths lived in the apartment above ours. It was said that one of Mr. Smiths' ancestors was a great chess player. A chess player must have an analytical mind. Mr. Smiths lived on his annual pension . Apart from that, he had no private income. His wife, Mrs. Smiths was an announcer on TV broadcast. And she once helped us to fix the television antenna. Their daughter, June, was as lovely as an angel. Once she hurt her left ankle when her parents were not at home. My wife sent her to the hospital in a hurry. All of us often sat side-by-side and chatted one with another. Sometimes we would discuss some ancient history. Sometimes we would play games one after another. On their 10th anniversary of marriage, the Smiths received an anonymous letter and then made a decision. That is, they would start on Antarctic expedition. Since they anticipated that they might meet many difficulties, they would leave June with us. June was annoyed at their decision. So her father comforted her, “View it at a diffierent angle. You needn't have anxiety about that. I was anything but a hero. Anyhow we just want to realize our dreams since childhood. ” Finally, June accepted that.
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:59

9. The show would approximately begin in five minutes. It's apt to rain that afternoon. The television men had set up their apparatuses. Some appliances were made of stainless steel. Last week, Grace's first appearance failed. There was no apology needed. People's disappointment was already apparent. She was so sorry that she had no appetite to eat. Grace appealed to her friends for help. Thus she got an appointment with the appointed director. The way was applicable. The director was not easily approached. But Grace's appropriate attitude and clean appearance impressed him. Although he had received twenty applications, he agreed to give her another change. Grace appreciated his help very much. And now, Grace's second performance won the applause of the audiences. She was loudly applauded.There was an appreciable difference between her two performances. The final list together with an appendix would be sent to the manager for his approval. Grace waited for his appraisal with agreat deal of apprehension.

to speak English well ,first one needs confidence...
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 15:59

10. The Arabian Nights’ Entertainment is very interesting. One of them was a story about an outstanding architect named Ralph. He was good at arithmetic since childhood. And at the age of 20, his opportunity had arisen. The king asked him to design a palace roofed with an arch. On top of the arch, there would be an artificial arctic bear. It’s architecture of great artistic value. The king and the architect arrived at the agreement without argument. Before Ralph finished his work, he saw the princess. Even a flower was not as beautiful as she. Once he saw her, he felt as if he were drunk. As to that, he hadn’t thought of his social rank. Love was important for Ralph as well as for the princess. As for her, she felt as though Ralph were a member of her family. One evening, Ralph articulated his love to the princess. She arranged with him to meet at her bedroom. The next day, the princess aroused him just before dawn. But the arbitrary king had arrayed troops and he ordered the soldiers to arrest him. Luckily, the princess shot an arrow to stop them in time.

i am going to keep things like this------一切如常,一如既往
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 16:00

11.Sandy was an Asian. The local theare associated with other business establishments to discriminate against Asians. Every one aside from Asians could get into the theatre. Sandy was stopped too. But his angry aspect frightened the entrance guard. That evening, several Asian students including Sandy assembled in the campus. Each student had been assigned to a job. As for Sandy, he was to make an assault on the theatre. In the middle of the night with a loud"bang", the theare was burned to ashes. Sandy assisted other students to swim ashore. A helicoper was waiting for them. But Sandy stayed alone. He watched the helicopter ascend higher and higher until it disappeared. The police was going to ascertain the truth and they arrested Sandy. On the court, Sandy made a speech to assert his innocence. He assumed his action would arouse attention to race discrimination. But his assumption proved to be wrong. No one assessed his speech at its true worth. The court simply put him into prison. Sandy asked for a meeting with his parents. They came with tears. They had brought some easily assimilated food for him. Sandy asked them to ask after his grandmother.
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 16:01

12. An Australian, Mr. Mason, was charged with being in debt! On the day of trial, there was a great attendance at the court. Every audience was attentive to what he said. Mr. Mason used to be an athlete. But he had a dream of being an astronaut. In his mind, astronomy had atom theory were much more attractive than sports games. He paid attention to all kinds of space information. And he borrowed too much money to rent a spacecraft. But he hadn’t paid off his debt yet. Mr. Mason gave assurance that his debts should be paid soon. His sincere attitude was so moving that he attained his freedom. But he attributed this to his attorney. After that, Mr. Mason worked in a store during the day. And he augmented his income by teaching in the evenings. He used tapes as aural material to teach English. By the end of that year, he paid off all his debt. So Mr. Mason decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean as a trip. He attached a label to his baggage then went aboard. It’s a day of nice atmospheric pressure. He was astonished to feel the atmosphere of peace and calm on the sea. It reminded him of his dream again!
作者: gdutang    时间: 2006-4-29 16:03

12+1. At the beginning of the auto (automobile) industry, many people were attracted to Detroit. Nike was one of them. He worked in a factory. There was no available automatic in that factory. Some part of the work must be done by ax. And the ax was awkward to handle. So Nick availed himself of every opportunity to improve instruments. He would design two to three instruments a month on an average. By and by, he became an authority on it. As one of the best workers, he was awarded bonuses often. Recently, Nick was assigned to fix an engine to avert any possible damage. He drew an axis on it first then fixed it carefully. He also brought an auxiliary engine with him. But just after he finished repairing, he was aware of his mistake right away. An awful accident happened next. The engine exploded and a big fire ensued. The people who stood on the avenue tried to extinguish the fire, but it’s of no avail. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The boss awaited Nick at the meeting room. Nick didn’t want to avoid punishment. To his surprise, the boss didn’t blame him. Instead, he gave a book about aviation to Nick. And the author was the boss himself!

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